Hampshire RoamAbility

Rambling Information

All participants take part at their own risk. For anyone using wheelchairs, powerchairs or mobility scooters, we strongly recommend that you have your own 3rd party insurance.

It is essential that all who attend a Hampshire RoamAbility ramble or event are either self-sufficient or they bring their own carer or helper.  We do not have the resources to act as carers and we cannot guarantee an able-bodied helper will be available.

We request a donation towards the group funds for each person attending a ramble or event, suggest a minimum of £1 (£2 for non members), to be collected by the ramble leader.

We require everyone who intends to come on a recce, ramble or event to book with the organiser as dates and venues may be changed or cancelled at the organisers’ discretion.  This can be due to bad weather or illness of the leader.

On all rambles please always bring:

Rambles last all day unless otherwise stated.


What’s a ramble category you ask? 

Ramble Categories:

Category 1 - is fine for all wheel/powerchairs and scooters.

Category 2 - may include natural surfaces and hills up to 1 in 8 and is suitable for scooters only.

Category 3 - means stretches of rough surfaces &/or steep hills, and is for heavier scooters.

Category 4 - involves exploration of difficult, even impassable trails, and is only suitable for experienced riders on heavy-duty scooters.

Rambles are generally 6 to 8 miles but can be from a couple of miles to 10+.

New Organisers, Leaders and Routes required

Hampshire RoamAbility invites all members to submit rambles and events to the ramble secretary, Mave Hiseman via email at membership@hampshireroamability.co.uk, or  m.hiseman@hotmail.co.uk,  or tel no 07789-511124, for inclusion in the ramble programme.  We are aiming to create a rolling programme up to 3 months in advance with an average of 3 rambles a month.  It will be published once a month and is to include details of rambles for the following 3 months.

If you are nervous about finding a route, then please ask for help and we will guide you through your initial rambles.  Don’t forget, if you want a ramble in your area then do something about it and get organising.  Don’t be afraid to suggest a place that may turn out to be totally unsuitable – we don’t know until we recce it (we can always retire to a café or pub as a backup plan).  You are the best person to know about your own local area.

We do NOT recommend anyone going out on a recce on their own.  For those using mechanical or electrical devices such as powerchairs or scooters - breakdowns can happen to anyone even the most careful owners.  Just submit the recce to the programme secretary for someone to join you – safety in numbers. We recommend a minimum of 2 people on any recce or ramble.

Please remember rambles should not include stiles or steps, plus most kissing gates are impassable to most mobility scooter users except those that can be unlocked with a RADAR key. It is often possible to find an alternative such as a locked gate which we can get a key for.  We have frequently been to places where we have no idea what we will find or have been to check out a stile or kissing gate. 


The initial information the rambles secretary is looking for is:


Happy rambling!